Gift & Loyalty Cards

What is it?

Richard’s gift/loyalty card is a extremely versatile card that can be used both as a gift card or a stored value card. No more endless stream of punch cards or paper gift certificates. Your Richard’s card will save you both time and money. So stop on in or give us a call and start saving time and money now.


How it works?

Simply stop in the café and request a Richard’s Gift/Loyalty card. You can load anywhere from $5-$250 on your new card using cash or your visa/mastercard. Then give the card to family or friends or use it yourself when purchasing any of Richard’s delicious products.


After placing your order with one of our barrista’s simply hand your Richard’s card to them and they will automatically deduct your purchase from the balance on your card. Then they will add the appropriate amount of points you earned to your card. You will earn a point for every dollar you spend. Fast and easy. Its that simple and before you know it you will be earning free drinks and saving money.


Reload your Richard’s Card

When you hand your Richard’s card to one of our barrista’s they will inform you when you need to reload your card. You may reload by using cash or your visa/mastercard. You are now ready to continue accumulating points for more free beverages

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